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IFC parameter filter in Revit

Something you should know (perhaps you already knew and i am hopeless late) it is possible to filter on IFC parameters in Revit. When you link an IFC in Revit, revit makes a txt-file in the same folder as the IFC it self. The file...
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IfcExportAs parameter

Hello, everyone. The problem I need to solve occurs when I export one generic object to IFC (e.g. desk). I set the "ifcExportAs" shared parameter writing "IfcCurtainWall". Then I open the IFC file and I expe...
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MVD creation guides : Call to share guidance documents

Hi all, Following a previous post where I asked for help on MVD within the academic environment, I would like to share with you some useful guides that I found searching on the internet. I have also included some videos that Ni...
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Eliminating file based IFC exchange

Hi Everyone, I am interested in hearing your thoughts on eliminating the use of IFC as a file-based transaction and instead, transfer our building data via the web. The idea is we cut down on the amount of data being transferre...
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IFC viewers and Phasing (renovation filter)

Do you manage your IFC models by renovation phases, federating? If not, how do u solve phase filtering in IFC viewers? Archicad creates an automated custom IFC PSet called AC_Pset_RenovationAndPhasing with a parameter "Ren...
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Importing IFC file in CityEngine ?

I am trying to integrate BIM and GIS. I have IFC file, I try to import the file into CityEngine, but I failed to do so, because its say that my ifc. Files does not have a projection. I try to select projection in the list, but whe...
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